Here is where you can apply for a special ability at Mischief Managed. Please fill out every field in this application, and make sure to follow ALL directions. Once submitted, your application will be sent to our Head ALOs, who will get back with you in 3-5 days with regards to your application status. We thank you for your patience and look forward to your presence at Mischief Managed!

SL Name (NOT Display Name; Example: JohnDoe Resident):
Character Full Name:
Requested Ability:
Character's Role (student, professor, caretaker, etc.):

Provide a sample RP if you were to use your ability. Treat this as an audition for your ability. Things you'll want to consider including in your application include:

  • Multiple roleplay examples involving the ability (with NPC responses)
  • In your examples, try to include a variety of ways it might be used
  • Attention to detail is key
  • Internal and external struggles or reactions to having the ability
You will be judged based on how the ability is used amongst other players, internal dialogue, and development of the ability.:
Describe what you know about this special ability? You may use books, HP knowledge or Wikia for reference but DO NOT Plagiarize.:
Picture: (If you are applying for Veela lineage, Animagus, Metamorphagus or Werewolf) (Please name the file with your character's full name and ability ie johndoe-resident-veela.png):